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LiveJournal - To see what's up in all my web connected friends lives...without actually talking to them, how dysfunctional

Make Zine - There blog is full of projects that I wish I had the time and resources to do

edm.forsale - I like to buy stuff used

kijiji - Same thing, I also check craigslist every so often but it's usually all the same listings as kijiji.

ebay! - Same deal

Facebook - I go here to harrass my friends into hanging out with me and waste entire days at a time doing absolutely nothing

Hotmail - I've had this email address too long to switch to something else

Digg - A tech news site

Destructoid - I go here to get all the info on the new wii games that are coming out


Spinternet - A local message board

Indecline - A local punkrock centric message board

ED Scene - Edmonton concert listings

Metro Cinema - Edmonton's awesome non-profit movie theater

A-Computers - This is where I get all my computer stuff in Edmonton every other place is crazy expensive, just don't go on payday it's always packed with sniveling nerds (like me)

Memory Express - Another good computer hardware store but it's on the other side of the city so I only make it out there when I'm going to IKEA

The Works Arts and Design Festival - Arts festival held last week of june and first week of july. Awesome exhibits, demonstrations, bands and beer gardens. There's something soothing about drinking outside in the centre of your city

Nettwerked - A local computer/telephony/etc group, the K-1ine zine is definitely worth a read

Goldfish Legs Canadian Contest Forum - I like to enter contests somtimes when I'm really bored and can't find a pencil to do sudoku's


Tiger Direct - I get most of my large ticket computery bits from these guys

Future Shop - I honestly don't know if I've ever bought anything online here but I go to the website about once a week and the real life store a few times a month

Etsy - A online market for handmade goods, the selection and quality of the various goods on the site is amazing

PriceGrabber - I use this to check the price range of online websites...the Canadian version is kinda weak right now because there aren't many decent competing Canadian online retailers but hopefully that changes and this becomes more useful...I usually just use it to make sure I'm getting a good deal on ebay

Robot Shop - The best Canadian retailer for robots and robot parts

Sparkfun Electronics - All sorts of new generation electronic components

American Science & Surplus - they have all sorts of crazy surplus stuff


Photo Kaboom - This site is awesome if you're like me and can't remember anything from that photography class you took years ago in high school. It's basically a free online photography text book I recommend reading the "Beecher's Handouts" because they're short and gave me the jist of most things I was needing answers on

Digital Photo Review - I initially found this site when I was shopping around for my camera and preferred there review format over similar review sites. Once I bought my camera I found that they had a very active forum, I frequent the Kodak Talk forum everyone is friendly and helpful and it's nice to see what other people are getting out and capturing

Yotophoto - This is a free-to-use image search site, if you're ever looking for images to use for whatever project without the risk of dealing with ridiculous copyright law this is the place to go

Future Photo - This is for getting prints from digital images, I use them because there is no shipping fee if you pick them up at a future shop location and I live very close to a future shop so it ends up being the cheapest and I have had no problem with the quality of there work. I recommend google-ing promotion codes for them too as they run promotions quite frequently

Charles Benton's Kite Aerial Photography
- The most comprehensive kite aerial photography site that I have found. Tons of info and many incredible pictures

Strobist - This is a blog about lighting techniques

Linux and Open Source

Openjay - A website for dj's, I like to play around with all the neat free open source sound programs some of them are surprisingly feature rich

Mepis - This is my choice for the flavour of linux, based on debian it's a livecd based distro so you can download the .iso and burn the disc and try out linux just by booting off the disk so it gives you a chance to try it before you install it and commit it to hard drive. You'll never look back, for reals

Open Source Web Design - If you're like me and too lazy to come up with your own design you can browse many great professional free as in beer website designs


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - I don't know if this one should really be called a blog but whatever it is I like it. It's more or less equal parts electronics, food and craft projects
Dr.Frank's What's-it - A great blog by Dr.Frank the lead singer of the band The Mr.T Experience, he's a writer now and his blog thing has some interesting tid-bits from time to time

Breakfast Blogger - My favorite food blog (for now anyways)


Dibblez - I'm all about dibblez factory, it's a bejeweled clone and I love it...I think it is aimed at small children though. I make the highscore list from time to time (as drpepper)

Zookeeper - This is another bejeweled clone, it's harder than dibblez because it's timed. It's made as a plug-in for web message boards so the ones where you don't have to sign up don't have a highscore list (like the link provided)

If you are in need of contacting me my email is drpepper_billyidol_mrt@hotmail.com

copyleft - it's all yours friend